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Character Gifts are Priceless
Dionna Sanchez


Last year I did something for my family on Christmas Eve that I had never done before. I had gotten inspired from a sermon at church about creating memory markers in our children’s lives. And since Christmas was approaching, I decided to put my inspiration to work.

I found a Christmas ornament for each member of my family as well as for my parents who were visiting. Each ornament represented a character quality that I saw in each of them. For example, I found an angel ornament for my daughter Kamica because I chose “joy” as her character quality. I got an old antique spoon for my husband because he has a “servant’s heart.”

I also wrote each one of them a small note telling them why I chose the character quality that I did for them…why I saw that special quality in them. I also selected a verse out of the Bible that talked about that quality.

I thought it would be a very special moment for all of them – to know how someone else saw them. And let me tell you, I was the one who couldn’t get through the presentations without crying!! This is something that I plan on doing every 3-5 years. As my children grow and change, different character qualities will be their strengths. I can’t think of a more valuable gift than to let them know how someone else sees them and to show them they are valued for whom they are on the inside.

Everyone cares about how others see him or her; and whether or not they matter. “Character” gifts are priceless because they strike at the core of the individual receiving them. I guarantee that if you undertake this precious, precious idea, everyone will leave better for it and you will truly impact your loved one’s hearts.

Dionna Sanchez credits Pastor Love for inspiring her with this idea and her father for always instilling in her the motto, “It all comes down to character.“ Visit her website at

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